Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dave continues to amaze and surprise..

David was told on Friday by a very befuddled resident that he got the weekly blood tests back. They take his blood weekly to check both his white blood cell and platelet counts to see how they are doing. Chemo and Radiation are notorious for lowering both which is a bad thing.

So, the resident told him that his white counts remain the same and that his platelet count is up. Yes heard correctly. The resident sat there scratching his head as he told David the results. They hope the results stay the same and unfortunately many times the numbers begin to drop...which is quite normal. But go up. This isn't as normal. But it's good news for us and doesn't surprise David a bit. So, of course the resident keeping true to his form said, "This is good but remember you're still going to loose all your hair." Thanks nimrod!

David just smiled at him and said, "You've already told me that and it's only hair." I just don't think the resident knows quite what to make of David. For that matter I don't think most of the staff know quite what to make of him. He doesn't "behave" like they expected him to. He's optimistic, energetic, jovial and full of hope. He feels very little fatigue and his appetite is unchanged. Hell, I think that since he's started eating healthier his appetite has increased.

But enough of the Tumor Talk. Tumor talk you say? That's our new term for it and we even have new house rules. No Tumor Talk after 8pm every night. It helps us get away from it and just enjoy our night together...

Onto other news...We've been playing a lot more lately and taking time out to enjoy each day. David's oldest friend invited us out to a free concert at the Rave. What fun! We saw Billy Idol and it was a blast! The music was great and a fun time was had by all! Note: Billy Idol is aging well my friends. For you ladies out there, he definitely hasn't let his body go with age. He was quite the svelte man! Impressive...most impressive...but you are not a Jedi yet!

And the other exiting news...A dear friend of ours has given us a small loan in these crazy and bill laden times. She felt it was integral to both David and my healing that we continue with our dream of buying a kiln and beginning our new direction of fused and slumped glass artwork. She knew that with the onslaught of bills that we wouldn't be able to get one for a long time and decided to generously give us a small loan to help us move foreword. See I always say...Continue to dream and things you thought were out of reach sometimes aren't quite as far as you originally thought.


At August 07, 2006 4:21 PM, Blogger Cathie said...

I am not surprized by the blood count. I am glad you are contining on with the dream of fusing. Art is Life.


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