Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Torticollis no more!

Yippee…Alec has finally been discharged from Physical Therapy! The head tilt is no more! Huzzah. We should have a party. Hell…the $100 per appointment we’ll be saving we could throw one hell of a shin-dig, eh?

I have to admit I am so glad this is done. Non-withstanding the doctor bills sucked, it will be good not to have to drag the poor kid regularly to these appointments. He did hate those stretches and the older he got he became more and more defiant when it came to doing the stretches and strengthening exercises...and honestly I can’t blame him.

I tend to think the appointments were harder on me than they ever were on Alec. It was so hard emotionally for me to see moms and dads clutching newborns in the halls…crying…and all the while I’m thinking about what must be wrong with the beautiful little child in his mother's arms. And seeing the sick children on IV’s in the PT room doing their PT to keep their poor little bodies strengthened while they are put through god knows what treatments for cancer and all sorts of other maladies. It put things into perspective…because I have no clue what kind of pain and fear those children and parents are going through. My heart aches for every one of them. Sometimes when we walked down the halls of the hospital…Alec frolicking about as he meandered his way to the PT room…I would just see the parents of the small babies. The haunted look in their eyes…the uncertainty…the unknowns that await them. And damn but I felt lucky. Because really…these appointments were nothing. More of a nuisance than anything else.

The one good thing about these appointments was his physical therapist. She was an amazing woman. Sweet, gentle, kind and everything else one could ask for in a physical therapist. I hope we never have to see her again, but I'm glad she was his therpist.

So, this chapter in Alec’s life is over. Hmmm...I wonder what's next?!


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