Thursday, November 17, 2005

The holidays are almost upon us!

Wow…where the heck is time going lately? That seems to be a common phrase in my blog lately…that is…when I actually do blog!

Life is going well. Alec is growing by leaps and bounds and coming up on his 1st Birthday soon! WOW. There was much discussion as to the birthday plans. The current trend is to have big birthday parties for the little guys, especially on the 1st birthday. We’ve been to many, and they are rollicking events with kiddies everywhere, toys, food and birthday cake. They were fun…and we contemplated it. But after much discussion, we decided to do a small affair. Since in reality Alec won’t remember this momentous occasion, we decided to do a small family event. It may not bring in the loot for the little guy, but he doesn’t need much and tends to keep himself entertained with a sock (don’t ask) ….and in truth it would probably be too overwhelming for him to have a ton of people and chaos anyways. We were really excited at the thought of throwing a big shin-dig, but we decided we should have a party he will enjoy, since it is his day and not ours.

As Alec’s birthday is right around the corner …Christmas is not far behind...3 days to be exact! We are looking foreword to Alec’s first "True Christmas," seeing as he was only 3 days old last year. We are planning on going all out this year! He is already enamored with all the twinkling holiday lights and we picked him up his first holiday ornament. A little snowman bell with a lime green hat. (Note: For some reason he loves lime green, if it’s lime green he’s drawn to it. Hmmm...What does that mean?) But he loves his ornament and his eyes light up whenever he sees it.

I love the holidays and having this little guy in our lives just makes it even more special. We are truly doing well and for the first time in seems to be settling into a happy routine. We are adjusting to our new lifestyle and the wonderful and sometimes chaotic effect Alec has had on our life.


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