Friday, September 23, 2005

Dave returns home…

Dave is home from his business trip to Washington D.C.…Thankfully!
I don’t think I tell that man enough how very much I appreciate him and how damn glad I am glad he’s back. Not only was it strange not having him around since we truly enjoy each others friendship (which I thing is paramount in a marriage) and we tend to spend most of our spare moments together…but he’s a great dad and really does a lot with Alec. I always knew this, but when you have the little munchkin 24 hours a day for days on end…it becomes even more apparent.

I was astonished at how hard it is just having just one person taking care of him. There is no handing him off to someone else while you eat, take a shower or make dinner. Thanks to a couple of great friends who had me over for dinner one night, I had a great meal and it was delightful to have some adult conversation. You guys were wonderful. They filled me up with yummy food and held the tyke for a bit so I could just decompress before going home to begin the nightly routine of putting him down. It made a big difference and was the best meal I had while Dave was gone. Mind you, Alec was great and I could have cooked better meals…but honestly I was too focused on getting through each day and caring for the little man to care too much how much or what I was eating. Healthy…no. Honest…yes.

I think we adjusted remarkably well to it just being the two of us…but damn…I’m tired. I honestly give single parents my whole hearted respect. Raising a kid is tough, raising them alone is REALLY though. I can’t imagine it….because no matter how wacky things got when Dave was gone, I knew he would be coming home in a couple days and all would return to normalcy in our home. Alec seemed to have handled it well, albeit he’s become a bit more clingy and reticent about letting either of us out of his sights for long. I think he feels like he has to keep an eye on us or one of us might slip out on him again. He’s also been a bit more distant to Dave. He’s happy to see him, but not the usual ecstatic joy. I guess 4 days is a long time for a little one. Dave is a bit sad about it I think, but I told him not to worry. Give him a week and he’ll have forgotten all about it and he’ll be laughing and thinking dad is the best party in town again soon!


At September 26, 2005 9:18 AM, Blogger Kerri said...

Loved having you and Alec over for dinner, my dear. I'll hold him ANYTIME -- unless he's stinky or puking of course ;-) Glad all is getting back to normal... have a great week!


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