Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another day…

Here we are coming upon another weekend and I want to do more than is physically possible in 2 months, let alone 2 days…
So basically…it’s a normal weekend for us.

This weekend I have dreams of revisiting the porch (The mailman still has no railing…shame on us) but let’s be realistic folks…It isn’t gonna happen.

Along with the usual weekend errands and playtime with the little one, we have plans to go to a baseball game with people from work and go down to Bastille Days for a Beignet. Along with these already busy weekend plans, I hope to somehow squeeze in toddlerizing the house, working on the gapping hole in our ceiling upstairs which is leaking copious amounts of precious air into our hot attic. This hole (with a makeshift cover) is to become the attic access panel hopefully soon. This is a relatively small project that seems to keep being put off; although it will save our energy bill and make the upstairs more comfortable once we do it. I also hope to clean up the studio and make room in the basement for our kiln. No problem eh?

All of these projects…and numerous others I’m not going to bore anyone with are important. The toddlerizing is important because although our little ray of light isn’t currently on the move…he will be soon. And when he does…we won’t have time to make the house safe because we’ll be just trying to keep up with the little man. The attic access panel is important for the obvious energy reasons and the studio and kiln are important to my sanity.

I realized the other day when I was looking at a dear friend’s blog who is a glass artist how much I miss and need art in my life. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t create art. And in the past 2 years I have done nothing spectacular. I’ve worked on a couple small projects but nothing that set my soul on fire. Since we bought this lovely bungalow fixer-upper and now had a little one…I’ve been distracted to say the least. But between the house projects and spending time with Alec, I need to fit time into my life to make Art. This is a necessity and I can feel myself withering inside by this lack of expression.

My husband is an artist as well, so it’s lovely that we can both take time out of our chaotic lives to do this together…and we both need to. We crave it and need it to sustain us. As well as it is a joy to do projects with him. Things just connect and flow when we work together. I miss spending those moments together…
I also miss doing art shows…losing myself in the studio. I miss it all. And it's time. Time to make art!

So, who cares if there still is no railing on the front porch or that our bedroom is STILL under construction…it won’t kill us to let those projects sit for a bit. It's not like our bedroom hasn't been in various stages of construction since we moved in...


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