Sunday, June 26, 2005


After David came into my life, I never really thought I could love anything or anyone else as much as I love him…but I was wrong.
I love our little guy more than I ever thought imaginable.
It’s a different kind of love but love all the same.
He amazes me every day…

I’m amazed…

  • That we created this little being
  • How small his little hand is in mine
  • How peaceful and beautiful he is when he sleeps
  • How he finds joy in simplicity
  • How he can manage to get more food up his nose and in his hair than in his mouth
  • That I can see glimpses of the man he is going to become someday
  • At how peaceful and happy he is most of the time
  • How his smile lights up a room
  • How much I’ve grown to love him in a mere 6 months

Albeit he can be one stinky little creature with an attitude…but he is amazing.And when I look down into his big brown eyes when he’s curled up in my lap…I am at peace and that is amazing.

Thank you for coming into our life Alec. I have a feeling you may end up teaching us more about life that we will teach you…


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