Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What a wacky year it was folks!

I keep telling myself that I will begin to update my blog on a more regular basis but who am I kidding…I can barely get my ass to work 3 days a week, the house picked up into some sort of semblance, the bills paid as well as get a little good lovin’ from my husband. Somehow…the blog always takes last seat. Priorities.

So, here I am doing my infrequent post. Hopefully, although they may be sparse, may they also be entertaining, enlightening or at least update friends on the current state of our crazy life.

This has been one of the hardest years of my life…and yet one of the most rewarding as well. I’ve changed a lot in the past year and I’m happier and more grounded than I’ve ever been despite the sleep deprivation. Albeit I feel I am in a better place than I’ve ever been…it has been one hell of a journey filled with self doubt, loneliness, exhaustion and fear. But on the other hand, it was also a year filled with wonder, delight, surprises, peace and unconditional love. Who would have ever known that this tiny little being could do so much in such a short period of time? It’s like he’s this little cosmic energy ball of change!

We have gone through many transitions this year…some of which were quite difficult. It’s been hard not being able to work on art like I used to. There hasn’t been time for late nights in the studio and honestly I haven’t had the energy or been in the creative mood either. There has been a lot less quality time for Dave and I and that has been hard as well. The romantic evenings have been few and far between and alone time has been sparse but coveted. We’ve learned we can’t go at Mach speed 24 hours a day-7days a week on the house or our art or on anything for that matter…and we’ve learned that this is ok. We’ve actually learned that this is not only ok…but sometimes refreshing. We’re starting to take more moments out to enjoy life and the precious things. It also has put into perspective what’s important. Getting that last load of laundry done…or taking a quiet moment on the couch with my husband and a good cup of tea. Like I said before…It’s all about priorities.

Now don’t get me wrong. We’re still Skye and Dave and realistically I doubt we will ever stop doing 10 things at once. But at least we’re learning to slow down a bit. Hell, Alec is so used to going out and doing stuff…he tends to get cranky if he spends an entire day home playing around the house. He’s so used to going out regularly…it is now part of his routine. Bless his little heart…

The crazyness lately has also put some things in perspective for me and I’m trying to take the time to let friends know how much they mean to us even though we may not be around as much as we used to. So, here’s a little thank you to all of you who were there for us and helped us out this year. We appreciate it and your friendships are truly a gift to us. It was the simple things that meant so much to us this year. like bringing me lunch on your lunch break and giving me some much needed adult conversation on those long days at home, or getting us out of the house and cooking us dinners or just stopping by for a nice chat to break up the chaos of the day. We thank you. Those little gestures of kindness and friendship were paramount in keeping us sane this year.

I have come realize that Alec and this wacky year of transition has not only affected us but also everyone in our lives and I know it has been hardest on our closest friends...and I thank you guys for listening to us when we went on and on about baby crap…You listened, empathized and even gave advice and you’re eyes never glazed over with disinterest. We thank you. We've been so focused on surviving the here and now that sometimes the whole baby thing becomes all consuming.

The transition has also made some wonderful changes to our relationships. Somehow having a child has made my mother and me closer and the little one has created a kind of buffer between us. We are able to focus on him and not each others quirks which is a good thing. He has also brought us closer to David’s parents since they watch him weekly and they have been invaluable in their advice and support of us. They have given us much needed breaks and the well being that the little one is loved and cared for on those days we work.

So, the little guy has already taught me many valuable lessons in what will probably be a lifetime of valuable teachings. The first and foremost...that change happens. It is inevitable and part of life. If there is no change life becomes stagnent and dull and that these changes help life flourish. Also, and this is a hard one for me the accept, not all change is bad. Although it may be difficult and awkward in the beginning...the end result is something new and fresh. So, here's a little thank you to Alec as well and here's to change!


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