Monday, August 21, 2006


Someone told me the other day that David is an inspiration. That we both are. It surprised me at first. We never really thought about it. For us there was only one direction. Forward. No use sitting in the past or bemoaning the present. We knew this was one of those big proverbial forks in the road and we needed to pick a new direction. Time for change. Changing of eating patterns and thought patterns. A change for the better. Seems strange that something so scary and painful at times could bring with it such good. But it has…

Everything lately is changing as our new life evolves. Like a phoenix from the ashes. Our new life is being born. A new direction. Not what we expected, but it never is. Is it? We’re dealing with stress differently. Hell, things that used to stress us to the max now seem pretty trivial. We’re opting to play over errands and take walks instead of watch TV. As the John Lennon song goes, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

We’re doing more than just changing our lifestyle though. We’re learning a lot in as well. I learn something every day it seems. David and some amazing women around me are showing me that I am brave and have an inner strength inside that has always been there…but that I just never embraced. I am learning to believe in myself and to live life without fear. I’m also learning that each and every day is a beautiful gift.

Through this whole learning process…I guess we’ve inspired some folks as well as ourselves.

We are inspiring one another to live, smile and dream.

We are inspiring our friends and family to eat better, enjoy life’s simple pleasures and to live without regret.

Unwittingly David has ended up teaching as he inspires.
He is teaching the residents at the hospital that patients are people. They have heart, determination and faith. And that although those things are immeasurable, they can change the world if you believe. He is also teaching the residents that he a person fighting a disease. Not the disease itself. David is not a tumor…he just has one. He is putting it into more human terms and although they are fighting it…they can’t resist believing as well. Believing in him despite the statistics. Believing in the power of optimism and the will to live.

I am touched by those of you have found us inspirational.
You inspire us as well.


At August 22, 2006 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and Dave have always been an inspiration- your faith and belief in yourselves, family and friends has always amazed me, and encouraged me.


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