Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Cancer has brought a lot of changes into our life…and not all of it bad. It seems strange to say, but it’s true. People have come into our lives that otherwise might not have if not for the big “C”.

Life if full of people coming and going…paths parting and reconnecting. Many people whom our paths might not have ever re-joined have come back into our lives to offer love and support. I’ve met some amazing people through all of this and many of whom I feel will be a part of my life for many years to come. People whom hither-to were more acquaintances have now become an integral part of my life. I’ve been amazed by the outpouring of support. Not to discount the men in our lives…but the ladies have been amazing as of late. I’m reminded of one of those goofy emails that always get sent about that says, “Get yourself some girlfriends.” I never quite understood that email. For much of my life, I had mainly men as good friends. I never really understood the whole “mystic” of girlfriends, but I’ve recently begun to.

These women have an amazing strength and compassion within. Without a second thought, they’ve become a part of our lives. They have looked at the chaos surrounding us and figured out what I needed most when I couldn’t tell them myself. They’ve gotten down into the thick of it and done the dirty jobs like cat boxes or bathrooms without even being asked. They have brought food, cleaned, and washed clothes and basically helped me keep my household running. They have seen the wacky stuff that goes on in my daily life and even seen the darker side of Cancer, and yet they keep coming back. They have taken David out and made sure he has had fun days and they have played with Alec and helped him forget about all the confusing changes going on in his world. They have made sure that I was taking care of myself as well…giving me breaks so I could get a quick nap in and they have called me out when I wasn't eating or taking proper care of myself. They’ve listened as I cried and offered advice when I needed it. And sometimes they just sat with me when I needed company and there were no more words left to say and they’ve made me laugh when things were so bad I thought all of the laughter had gone out of the world.

I never expected this journey or all the joy, sorrow, and change it would bring with it... but I’m glad I have you guys here with me now.

Cancer has not only changed our life, but it has changed myself as well. And that too is not altogether bad. I actually like the person I have become in the last two years. Or maybe this was always who I was…and it just took this journey to make me realize it. But I am more confident and grounded that I have ever been in my life. I know I’m stronger that I ever thought possible and I know that I’m a warrior and a survivor. Sometimes it feels so messed up that such good things have come from such a tragic situation. But I guess that is how life is…there is always a balance.

You can't always pick the roads life leads you...but at least you can choose to embrace the good things that happen along the way...


At July 10, 2008 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skye -

Your post today was inspiring - I just wanted you to know that. I feel so much for your family, being a wife and mother myself. All of you are in my prayers and I am looking forward to seeing you and David on Friday.

Michelle Smith


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