Monday, January 22, 2007

The Headache

Let me start this by saying David is fine. But Friday was a tough day for us. David had his first headache since the tumor.

David and I knew the day would come. Headaches are inevitable. Everyone gets them and they’re perfectly normal. Unfortunately for us…they come with a lot more baggage. To us a headache means the possibility of a tumor. David had a nasty headache for 3 weeks before he was diagnosed with the tumor. We knew this day would come and we dreaded it.

But it came and we got through it. David had a headache. Took an Advil and it went away. This was good news since the last headache never went away no matter what he took.

Also, thankfully David already had an appointment set up on Friday afternoon with his Radiologist and he reassured David that he was clean. He just had his MRI at the end of December and there was nothing there. Also…the headache would still have been there. A single Advil would have done nothing for it. So he’s fine. But it hit us both pretty hard and we had some very dark moments. It was a nasty reminder of how precarious life is and the fears that surround our daily life.


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