Saturday, March 24, 2007


This has been quite an exciting month for us.
David and I went on our first vacation alone, just the two of us, since our honeymoon. Sad as this may be, it’s true. Now don’t get me wrong. We’ve had some lovely vacations over the years; we just always ended up spending it with family or friends. So, we got away just the two of us this time. Left the little one with the grandparents and hopped a plane to Las Vegas. It was a blast. David was able to get a great rate through his work and we nabbed it! Even though neither Dave nor I are gamblers (We gambled a whole whopping $1 while we were there) and we’re not big drinkers (And now that Dave is on his drugs he doesn’t drink at all) we still had a grand time. We ate a lot, walked a lot, played a lot and all and all had a lovely time away from all the day-to-day stuff here.

At first we weren’t sure about going. We worried about being apart from Alec for 4 days and we knew that albeit it was a great deal…it still really wasn’t in our budget. But then we realized when would be an ideal time? And life is passing us by while we’re waiting for that perfect time to get away, so we said the hell with it and went. I’m glad we did. It was worth every penny. We spent long hours just people watching and even longer hours just chatting in cushy little chairs in tucked away nooks and crannies in the Bellagio sipping overpriced but exceedingly good coffee and amazing French pastries from this awesome patisserie. And all the worrying over Alec missing us…well…we needn’t have worried at all. The little guy had so much fun with grandma and grandpa that I don’t think he lost much sleep over the fact we were gone for a couple days. He got to stay up until 10:30 pm (His normal bedtime is 7:30) and eat all sorts of yummy, crazy foods mom and dad never let him have and best of all he got to snuggle up next to grandma every night in her big bed! What fun.

Another big event this month was that Alec began preschool. Yes, I know he’s young and yes…it is mid-school year. We didn’t plan it this way. We had been looking for preschool for the fall and were coming up empty. Many had different philosophies that weren’t us, others were amazing but the costs were insane (I believe early education is very important…but I also believe putting food on the table is just as important) So, after a lot of searching and even more phone interviews and walk-throughs we found one. It was perfect and we went on the waiting list for a slot in fall. And then the director said she had some spaces available now and that if we wanted to start now we could, as well as be guaranteed a spot in fall. We still weren’t sure about it…and then TV reared its ugly head. We found the munchkin was getting a bit more TV time than we liked while mom was at work 3 days a week and he was asking for it all of the time. I know he may be young but I think he’s ready and him getting out and playing for 5 hours a day, once a week can’t hurt him. He has 4 other children in his class and they do both outdoor and indoor play, music, art, both snack and lunchtime and also kindergarten readiness including letters, numbers and all that other good stuff. He started two weeks ago and he’s been amazing. He didn’t cry at all the first time and the second week he had only a few tears. He plays great with the others, shares well and loves the art projects. Could I be any more of the proud parent? So, I think this was a good choice, although we went into this wondering if we were smoking crack! He is completely fine, no weird abandonment issues as of yet, and he seems to really like it there. He actually ran into the room the last time I dropped him off. And seeing as it is only once a week, he’s still getting his much needed love and play time at grandma and grandpas twice a week. Although as much as he seems to like preschool, he’s still very ready when I go to pick him up. As soon as he sees me he runs up and gives me a big hug, then grabs his bag and jacket and heads for the door. Like, it’s been grand but let’s blow this popsickle stand! I’m glad he’s doing so well there but it still nice to know we’re needed!

So. Here’s where we’re at. Sorry it’s been so long. It’s been a nutty month. But hell…you guys expect nothing less right? I had a friend tell me the other night that she doesn’t view it as I blog too little. She said she would worry if I was blogging too much…that would mean I don’t have a life. So, she said it was good that we’re out there enjoying life, each other, our family and all the other wonderful and amazing things that surround us.

So, next time you check the blog and I haven’t updated for yet ANOTHER week…smile and know that I am out there somewhere having a lovely time with my family. After that you can then send me the email saying wassup you lazy little git! Just kidding.

Take care and Continue to Dream.


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