Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ah where to begin.....

Ah where to begin….
I was a little weary beginning a blog.
I wasn’t sure I would have anything to write about or that my writing would be dull or sophomoric. But then I realized…who cares!
Who will be reading it anyways? Maybe some friends and family members?
So why am I so nervous?
It’s not like people will be surfing the web for this blog about a woman and her life and her little adventures. I think not.
And maybe by doing this, it will help me to put things in perspective for myself and gather my thoughts into a cohesive ball and not the chaotic mess they tend to be.

At first I was going to do a blog on the continuing adventures of renovating our bungalow. That has been quite an adventure in itself and there are so many stories to tell of the triumphs and mishaps. Usually triumphs filled with mishaps!
But then I thought maybe I would do one on being an artist and my latest projects.
And then there is that little thing of expressing a child from my loins! Oy!

And then I realized……there are so many things I am doing in my life right now and so many things I want to chronicle… why just focus on one! Being a Gemini…it is only appropriate that I chronicle everything. All at once!
Because really, this is my life. Being a mom, an artist, a wife, and a home renovator! I am this and so much more.
I’m doing so much all at once, all the time, some memories are being lost.
So maybe, by beginning this blog I can begin to put all these wonderful and not so wonderful events and memories down.
Something to look at later…to make me smile, laugh or even cry.

As with all beginnings…you have to start somewhere….so here I go……….

This is a big year of transition for me, so maybe this will help me in the transition…
Or maybe it will just bring more to light how crazy everything is. Who knows.

So this is where the story will begin…all about how my life changed forever!
Sounds so dramatic doesn’t it? And to tell you the truth, it was…for me that is.
I have been happily married for 8 years and my husband and I (David) decided what better way to spice things up a bit, than bring a little bundle of joy into our lives. Ya think?

Anyhoo, that was the plan. We both wanted a child and we loved each other, so having a child was the next logical step. We are both no longer youngsters and we were getting up in the age bracket of the thirtysomethings! Ek! Where o’ where does the time go?

So we went about trying to conceive. And that is a whole other adventure filled with thermometers, charts and schedules. Who would have thought getting pregnant could take so much work! To this day I will never understand how people can “accidentally” get pregnant. All I can say is that they must be quite the fertile Myrtle’s.

Anyways, we conceived after trying just 6 months, which in the grand scheme of conception is no time at all.

I had a delightful pregnancy for the most part.
I loved being pregnant and feeling so close to the little one.
I loved rubbing the little one’s foot that was crammed up against my ribcage and I talked to him incessantly. We listened to music together, although he had little choice in the matter seeing as he was inside me.
I didn’t so much love the weight gain or not being able to eat certain foods or the lack of mobility near the end. But what is such a small sacrifice for something so beautiful in the end. I had so many hopes, dreams and fears during those nine months.

I also thought he was going to be a she…surprise surprise!

Well, after 8 months and 3 weeks of the adventures of pregnancy…it began.
What began you may ask? Everything!
New adventures. New memories……and most importantly life!
The life of my beautiful little boy in this crazy, wacky world.
And my life as not only an artist, a wife, and a female “Bob Villa” (I wish) …but now as a MOM!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Oh my god...I have a blog!