Friday, May 18, 2007

It's a collector’s item, really...

For those of you looking for the rare and oft coveted bottom portion of the “Space 1999” sci-fi show plastic play figure…your dreams have just come true. For my dear husband has it and is holding onto it because…and I kid you not, ”It’s a collector’s item…really.”

You gotta love him. I once thought I was the queen of collecting. I tended to packrat stuff away…never knowing when this wacky fabric might come in handy with an art project or those neat buttons I found at a little antique store in Tucson might become part of some sort of amazing multi-media piece not yet realized. But my dear husband outshines my packratedness by a long shot. He is more nostalgic than me…and that’s saying a lot. He keeps everything that has even the remotest fond memory. I can’t fault him for this, it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him. His romantic nature and love of preserving nostalgic memories. I too tend to covet items that hold a special place in my heart and we have an entire cedar chest filled with our long distance courtship and many years of marriage. But I guess I do have boundaries. And saving HALF of a plastic figure from the 70’s is one of them. Call me crazy…but I highly doubt that those little plastic pants will be putting Alec through college or sending us to Europe. But who knows…we can always dream right?

So, we shall continue to weed all of the stuff out of the basement in preparation for the basement overhaul. Wish us luck and if anyone’s interested in a half a Space 1999 plastic man figure…I can hook you up!