Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another day…

Here we are coming upon another weekend and I want to do more than is physically possible in 2 months, let alone 2 days…
So basically…it’s a normal weekend for us.

This weekend I have dreams of revisiting the porch (The mailman still has no railing…shame on us) but let’s be realistic folks…It isn’t gonna happen.

Along with the usual weekend errands and playtime with the little one, we have plans to go to a baseball game with people from work and go down to Bastille Days for a Beignet. Along with these already busy weekend plans, I hope to somehow squeeze in toddlerizing the house, working on the gapping hole in our ceiling upstairs which is leaking copious amounts of precious air into our hot attic. This hole (with a makeshift cover) is to become the attic access panel hopefully soon. This is a relatively small project that seems to keep being put off; although it will save our energy bill and make the upstairs more comfortable once we do it. I also hope to clean up the studio and make room in the basement for our kiln. No problem eh?

All of these projects…and numerous others I’m not going to bore anyone with are important. The toddlerizing is important because although our little ray of light isn’t currently on the move…he will be soon. And when he does…we won’t have time to make the house safe because we’ll be just trying to keep up with the little man. The attic access panel is important for the obvious energy reasons and the studio and kiln are important to my sanity.

I realized the other day when I was looking at a dear friend’s blog who is a glass artist how much I miss and need art in my life. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t create art. And in the past 2 years I have done nothing spectacular. I’ve worked on a couple small projects but nothing that set my soul on fire. Since we bought this lovely bungalow fixer-upper and now had a little one…I’ve been distracted to say the least. But between the house projects and spending time with Alec, I need to fit time into my life to make Art. This is a necessity and I can feel myself withering inside by this lack of expression.

My husband is an artist as well, so it’s lovely that we can both take time out of our chaotic lives to do this together…and we both need to. We crave it and need it to sustain us. As well as it is a joy to do projects with him. Things just connect and flow when we work together. I miss spending those moments together…
I also miss doing art shows…losing myself in the studio. I miss it all. And it's time. Time to make art!

So, who cares if there still is no railing on the front porch or that our bedroom is STILL under construction…it won’t kill us to let those projects sit for a bit. It's not like our bedroom hasn't been in various stages of construction since we moved in...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

We breathe a sigh of relief…

Thank you for the calls of love and support. I truly appreciate it. It was good to hear the warm fuzzies and it helped ground me a bit and helped me not completely go off the deep end with worry.

Tuesday sucked…but not anywhere near as much as it could have.
We spent 5 hours at the hospital. We got there at 7:30 in the morning. Alec was in a jovial mood and played with the toys and cooed and smiled at the nurses. The nurses were wonderful and we heard numerous times all day “What a wonderful child…and is he always this happy?” Doctors and nurses alike were amazed at his relaxed and contented demeanor. No matter how much he was poked and prodded, he stayed pretty happy and mellow. He was a trooper.

The cardiologist gave him a thorough check. Thankfully Alec did one of his amazing turning into a human tomato act…and the cardiologist was there to witness it. He had the same reaction as the other two Pediatricians….something like “Wow, that is strange and doesn’t seem right but I have no clue what the hell is wrong.” Alec has a wonderful heart and the cardiologist seemed more concerned that I take care of my own heart with the strong history of heart disease in my family. But Alec’s heart is strong and his circulation seems good. He is very developed for a munchkin of 6 months and he is tall for his age. So all in all…he is an extremely healthy, happy little man. But the fact that he can turn into the human tomato for apparently no reason is very disturbing to every doctor who has witnessed it. So, he sent us down a floor to dermatology.

We get to dermatology…where we get to see even more sick children…which is so damn sad. Some of these little tykes are so young…and so sick. It was hard to be there. But I’m sure not half as hard as it is for the mother’s and father’s of those sick children…and then here we are with this kid who looks like the poster child for healthy living. It puts things into perspective.

So, we see the dermatologist after waiting for an hour and she says…”Damn, he looks like a healthy kid to me. But to have 3 different doctors be concerned… whatever he does must be remarkable.” Note: Alec chose not to become the tomato for the dermatologist. But she says she wants another Dermatologist to see him…So after being in dermatology for 3 hours….they say who knows what it is but maybe he could see Neurologist. A Neurologist? Now I think they are being just absurd. No one can figure out what it is, it seems like something is really wrong and yet he is very healthy and happy. So, they just keep sending us to other doctors in hopes they will say “Eureka…I know what that is.” But the neurologist refused to answer his page and won’t take appointments for consultations. So, the final stop was to the lab to have blood work done. At this point the little man has decided he was about done with this adventure and is ready for some peace and quite and a nap. After having blood drawn…he went nuclear for about 5 minutes and then just curled into my chest and went to sleep. Poor guy. If he were bigger we would have taken him out for a treat or something…

So the adventure is done for now.
The consensus is to keep an eye on him and try to find a pattern to these amazing color episodes…and hopefully it will just go away and Alec just has a “special” system. Maybe he is a superhero in disguise? Maybe this is the pre-curser to him being able to shoot flames from his arms? Who knows.
But I feel more relieved than I have in days. I wish we could have a definitive answer to what is going on with his system…but at least it doesn’t seem to be anything too serious or life threatening. He doesn’t have any overtly serious issues…and as I watch him sleep I feel how damn lucky we are to have him in our lives.