Thursday, May 26, 2005

One of the reasons why I love that man!

The other day while my husband and I were watching a re-run of Friends, he turned to me and said something to the effect that "The women on the show are attractive but you would have to put two of them together to make a real woman because they are too damn small…"

This is one of the many reasons I love you! You’re the best my love…

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What’s up with the lotion lady?

Well, I should begin this little story by saying I have joined a health club! A nice health club filled with skinny, pretty people. Oh joy!
Now, thankfully this isn’t Bally’s so we don’t have ladies with thongs wedged up their butts and other such nonsense….
Don’t get me wrong, I think thongs have a place in our society and our life….just not wedged up our butt while we are laboriously trying to work out and slim aforementioned butt. Anyhoo, I digress…
So, I now have joined a health club where I take my post pregnancy ass to begin the long journey back to my pre-pregnancy shape and beyond! I know this will be a long journey to get everything back to original proportions…..the body doesn’t just pop back into place once that baby comes out. Who knew?!
But I have found that most people who are “regulars” at the gym are fit and perky! Damn….does this mean if I go regularly I can become fit and perky again? Ah, to dream.

Well, this brings me to my next question. What’s up with the lotion lady? I tend to go to the gym around the same time on the same days. Which is probably how most of us do it…..get into a schedule and it’s easier to go. I have noticed on the evenings I am at the gym this particular woman. She has a ritual…she dons her cute little workout outfit. I little tank top and these dinky spandex shorts that I’m unsure if I can actually call shorts, but lets go out on a limb here and say shorts. She then precedes to lotion her ENTIRE body. The first time I really didn’t notice much. I was getting ready and she was lotioning her arms, and I went on my merry way. But the 2nd time I noticed she was methodically lotioning every inch of bare skin. She then proceeded to go work out.
I can’t imagine why someone would do this…...I am totally perplexed.
Why lube up ones body to then go work up a nice sticky sweat. Ick.
Maybe she has a strange, rare skin condition that requires her to slather her skin down, lest it sloth off as she works those buns? But I doubt it. Maybe she fears dry skin would turn away possible suitors? The possibilities are endless.

And yes, I do have too much spare time at the gym.
But I find it entertaining people watching and it distracts me from the fact that I feel uncomfortable myself being not my ideal weight in a room full of perky butts! Plus, some of the antics are just too damn funny not to be entertaining, if only briefly.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


We have a new addition to the ever growing family!
It seems that at some point during the spring, a little bird decided to make her home for the year above our porch light. She has a lovely little nest and she seems quite content. Seeing as she already has settled down for the season, we decided to let her stay for the year.
No need displacing her this late in the season. I'm not sure what kind of bird she is, she's not a petite girl. Definitely too big for a songbird.....

I've decided to name her Ethel.
Over the past couple weeks she's been sticking much closer to home and rarely leaving her nest. I wonder if she already has eggs up there? I have no clue how long these things take.
But all in all, she's a quiet addition to the clan. Quite content to sit up there and watch all the going on's around here. You can tell she's a city girl. Doesn't flinch or even fly away with all the hustle and bustle on the front porch. Whenever the door slams she just twists her head and looks disdainfully down upon me as if to say, "Excuse me, you're disturbing my nap time!"

Welcome Ethel, Enjoy your stay.....
Let's just not make this an annual thing.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

3 Weeks Later...

So, here I am 3 weeks later and I STILL haven't updated my blog!
I decided tonight was the night. The husband is upstairs feeding the little one, I'm having a nice glass of wine and it is time for me to sit down in the wondrous quiet and write a little.
I had such grandiose ideas in the beginning...I always do.
Whatever I do...I can never just do it half way. I must expand on it, develop it.....let whatever project I have begun evolve. Evolve into what you may ask...well...usually a much more complex beast that I love, admire and never have time for. So why should my blog be different from any other project in my life.
But, as I am trying to's ok that it isn't perfect and beautiful...It's ok that it isn't done least I am taking time out to work on it...and most of all enjoying it. Isn't that why I began this in the beginning?
I have dreams of adding additional boxes and do-dads to my you can see some have been started. But alas.....I never seem to have time to work on it. And when I am so inspired, it is inevitably when the little guy decides to wake up and cry out, "For the love of god woman....pick me up!" Who can argue with that? So I pick him up, my momentum is lost and by the time the little guy goes down for a nap, I am sufficiently distracted and begin work on another project that has been begun and summarily left unfinished previously. I do love my projects....each and every one. I sometimes wish I could just focus on one and finish it and then go onto the next one...but I know that isn't me and to do so would go against all I am.
So, I vow to try to take time to work on I vow to myself to work on the numerous house projects that are in varying stages of progress, I vow to work on the website my husband and I created for friends and family, and the website we created for our art (I'm an artist by the way...if I hadn't mentioned it earlier) and I vow to take time for myself to make art and nourish my soul......and I vow to snuggle with our little sunshine and try to teach him about all the beauty in the world that surrounds him everyday and to believe in his dreams....I vow to take time out to enjoy life more.....make love to my husband more....and to laugh at least once everyday....I could go on forever.....
But tonight.....tonight is for me...and my blog. We'll see what tomorrow holds.....