Thursday, August 18, 2005


I just wish the worry would end. I know I will always worry about the little guy…but I want to worry about bumped knees or staying out too late. Not all this crazy medical stuff.

Alec went to the Neurologist today. The good news is that his brain seems fine. So, now we have determined that his brain is fine, his heart is great, and he’s developing well. The Neurologist pointed out his head tilt. Ah yes…the head tilt. If I haven’t mentioned this before…this has been a topic of discussion amongst all the doctors. It’s really nothing too big, it just means that the little guy found himself a nice, cozy spot in my womb and hunkered down. So his head was probably at an angle for a long time and when he was born one side of his neck muscles were a bit tighter than the other side, so his head has a slight tilt. The pediatrician pointed this out when he was first born and we’ve been doing head exercises off and on ever since. She wasn’t too concerned and said that once he begins sitting up on his own, the muscles will all develop and it will probably go away. Well, it hasn’t. And this still isn’t much of a big deal. We’ve had the cardiologist, the dermatologist, and now the neurologist…not to mention a teacher at his play center and a friend who works with children comment on this little lilt.

We never worried too much about it, it’s just a nuisance. But now, since it’s still not gone and its obviously quite apparent to people in childcare…we will have to begin physical therapy. I have no clue how often it will be or how much it will cost, but I’ve been told by someone whose friend had to have her child go though PT for the same reason that it’s not bad and doesn’t take too long to remedy.

But the other thing the Neurologist said, which has me in a bit of a tizzy is that he might…and I mean might in the most remotest terms…have something (which Dave at the moment can’t remember what it’s called) but something where one side of his body grows faster than the other side. Mind you this is so minute…that neither Dave nor I can see it but both the Neurologist and his nurse can. This could possibly be because of a tumor (which could also be related to the whole “Amazing Tomato Act.”) LOVELY. But don’t panic yet…as I am trying not to. Because it could just be how he is developing and could very well be nothing since this is a very rare thing. But I’m a bit stressed even at the prospect of it. I’m unsure what the next course of action is. The Neurologist isn’t too concerned. And I probably shouldn’t be as well...but I’m so tired of hearing about all these possible horrible scenarios. So, we’ll see what our pediatrician says and they may just keep an eye on this and see if it becomes more pronounced or goes away. All I know is…I want my baby to be healthy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back in the saddle again!

I’m back in the saddle and making art again! What joy…what fun!
I enrolled in 2 classes at a local bead store. One was for a beginning needlework and beading class. We made a nice little Victorian looking bracelet.

The other was a class using PMC (Precious Metal Clay). What a wonderful material! The possibilities are endless with this neat medium. In the class we made a pendant with an inset stone.

For those of you unfamiliar with PMC…it is wonderful material that looks like silly putty, but once it is fired…becomes silver! It is a combination of water, binders, and small particles of silver. It can then be molded into a desired shape, then heated in a kiln to remove the binder and fuse the metal powder into a solid form. The item looks exactly as it was in clay form, except that it is now silver and is very durable. So, you can create all of these wonderful things with it without knowing the slightest bit about silver making. I’m completely enamored with this new medium. I hope to take a couple more classes with it and then I will have to see where I go from there with it.

I may incorporate it into some sort of multi-media pieces? Who knows. Dave and I are currently talking about switching gears with our art and taking a step back from printmaking and beginning to delve into some different multi-media pieces. I love printmaking but I feel right now it is a bit restrictive in the direction I want to go with it. I still plan to do printmaking, but maybe just for galleries? Who knows…

Also, David and I signed up for a glass fusing and slumping class together! What fun. A local art college offers continuing education classes for non-students. This is an 8-Week long class, for 4 hours every Sunday. It’s pretty extensive. We will be learning the methods of glass slumping as well as the creation of molds and other forms. We can’t wait. Not only will it give us a nice break from the little one, but it will give us a chance to work on art together…which we haven’t been able to do in awhile.

What is glass fusing and slumping you might ask?
Glass fusing is the process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass. When you apply heat to glass, it obviously softens. If you continue to apply heat, the glass will become more fluid and flow together. Two or more pieces of glass will stick (or "fuse") to each other. When the right kind of glass is heated and then cooled properly, the resulting fused glass piece will be solid and unbroken.
Glass slumping is where a mold is used to cause already fused glass to take on the shape of a bowl, a plate, or similar object. Sounds cool huh? Class starts September 10th and we can’t wait!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


We’ve now entered the wonderful world of teething.
On one hand, it is so exciting. He is growing everyday and this is just one more manifestation of it…
Another perk is the faster he gets those chompers, the faster he will be heading on into the new and wonderful realm of “normal” food. Yipee! I am so done with those not so lovely little jars of pureed goo and formula which we have nicknamed “Liquid Gold” due to its exorbitant cost. But this exciting new foray into the next stage has its drawbacks. Mainly the fact that Alec has been one cantankerous little dude!Mind you, we really can’t complain since he is such a mellow and happy baby…He rarely cries and he sleeps through the night easily. So, this has been a bit of an adjustment for us. The first night he was up every 2 hours, and nothing much would console him…things are getting better and now he is only up every time the Baby Tylenol wears off. Needless to say…the household has been topsy turvey for days and we’re all exhausted.
I am amazed how those cute little pearls under his gums slowly and obviously painfully work their way to the surface and then one day cut through those poor little gums. I feel so bad for the little guy…
But from what I hear, after the first couple…it gets much easier. The little ones tend to get used to the discomfort and pain and the rest slide in painlessly…(until the molars.) I can’t imagine what it feels like and I’m amazed we all go through this.